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UPS Emergency Services Where and When You Need Them

Quality Uptime offers emergency repair services over a wide geographic range. If your facility is located in a major U.S. or Canadian market, chances are good that our highly-skilled technicians are located close to you. If an emergency happens at one of your data centers, branch offices, or remote locations, our response time for getting a technician out to that site is usually under four hours.

The map below shows Quality Uptime’s geographic areas of coverage.

Quality Uptime UPS Service Coverage

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

The best way to prevent downtime at your data center is to integrate an end-to-end maintenance program for all critical infrastructure components. To help ensure that your UPS will work properly at the moment when it is needed, you should do regular UPS and battery maintenance, and occasional replacement of dying or defective UPS batteries and capacitors.

UPS Emergency Repair Services

Intelligent, highly-skilled technicians provide a quick response to bring your critical power systems back online!

Even the best-designed facilities can sometimes experience a failure of mission-critical infrastructure! A UPS, HVAC, or generator malfunction may occur during a weather- or grid-related power event. If your facility loses its ability to condition and provide power to your critical load, your IT and network equipment may fail, resulting in costly downtime for your business.

When a UPS failure or other power-related emergency strikes, your only goal is to fix the problem and get your facility back online as soon as possible. You need skilled and experienced technicians who can get out to your facility, diagnose and fix the problem, and stay calm in the eye of the storm. What’s more, you need technicians who can fix your UPS so it stays fixed, to prevent future downtime at that location.

24×7 UPS Support and Emergency Response Technicians

Quality Uptime Services employs a team of skilled and highly-trained technicians, who are ready to handle UPS failures and downtime emergencies at a moment’s notice.

Our response begins when your facility staff calls our Network Operations Center (NOC), using Quality Uptime’s 24×7 customer service line. A NOC support specialist will immediately connect them with a senior Quality Uptime technician, who will offer quick troubleshooting advice over the phone or online, to see if they can help your staff to stabilize the situation themselves. If they can’t, the senior technician will dispatch another Quality Uptime technician to that site.

Once they reach your facility, our technicians take a holistic approach to diagnosing and fixing the problem. They review the entire power system, not just the UPS, to see if an external component (switchgear, generators, power distribution units) may have caused the outage. They look at your critical power path, checking for upstream and downstream issues that could have triggered this emergency situation.

When the technician determines the probable cause of the outage, they perform any necessary safety procedures (i.e. powering down the UPS) and check internal components (I.e. capacitors, circuit boards, fans, user interfaces, inverters, rectifiers), using a variety of electronic tools, to understand each component’s condition.

Instead of doing simple replacements of modular parts, Quality Uptime’s technicians are trained in component-level troubleshooting and repair. This helps them to truly diagnose the problem and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

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