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HVAC Maintenance

Schedule regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure the health and continuous operation of your HVAC and CRAC systems.

In any facility, adequate cooling is essential for ensuring uptime of your critical IT, networking, and/or telecom equipment. Whether it’s a traditional or edge data center, a server room or data closet, or a 5G network node, the health of your cooling system is just as important as the health of your power delivery system,

Unlike your UPS system and its batteries, an HVAC or CRAC system has to keep running continuously, 24/7. Regular inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance are both essential to ensuring that your HVAC and CRAC systems continue to operate reliably and efficiently. You need experienced technicians who can do complete and thorough inspections, and who can respond quickly to emergency situations.

Preventative Maintenance

Quality Uptime’s highly-skilled technicians perform regular onsite inspections and customized preventative maintenance for all major HVAC and CRAC makes and models, including:

  • Chillers
  • Split Systems
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems
  • Temp Control Systems
  • Data Center Climate Controls
  • Cooling Towers

In the course of their inspections, our technicians check the following components of your HVAC or CRAC system, provide maintenance and cleaning, and replace parts when needed:

  • Fans & Fan Belts
  • Filters
  • Compressors
  • Coils
  • Bearings

Our industry-leading maintenance programs help to maximize the performance and reliability of your HVAC or CRAC systems, and also help you to prolong the life of the equipment. Additionally, we handle installation, retrofit, and upgrades of all major cooling systems.

Our technicians utilize the latest tools, equipment, and field technologies, including calibrated meters and instruments, and data tracking software that evaluates and analyzes HVAC system performance. From their analysis, our technicians can recommend adjustments and improvements to address problems before they arise, and prevent cooling failures before they happen.

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