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Generator Maintenance

Inspections and preventative maintenance ensure the successful on-demand startup, support of critical load, and long-term operation of backup generators.

In an emergency power outage, generators are the “last line of defense” for your mission-critical facility. When power goes down, the generators keep your critical IT, network, or telecom equipment operational. They must not only work perfectly on start-up, but must supply backup power for as long as the outage lasts. Whether it lasts five minutes, or three hours, or seven days, your generators must not fail.

If one or more of your generators fails on-demand, your facility may experience a partial or full shutdown in seconds. Your critical IT equipment may fail, resulting in a severe financial loss, a possible loss of customers, and potential long-term damage to your business reputation.

You need the peace of mind to know that your backup generators will:

  • Start up on demand
  • Support your facility’s critical power load
  • Stay operational for an extended time period

Preventative Maintenance

Annual or semi-annual inspections and preventative maintenance are absolutely essential to ensuring ongoing performance and reliability of backup generators. That’s why you need experienced technicians who can do complete and thorough generator inspections, and handle emergency situations.

Quality Uptime’s skilled and experienced technicians perform regular onsite inspections and preventative maintenance for all makes and models of generators. These inspections include:

  • Visual and mechanical inspection of fuel systems and filters, starting, electrical wiring, cooling, lubrication, exhaust, air filters, and air intake systems
  • Control systems including operational check of auto-start and engine instruments, governor control, and voltage regulator
  • Check of DC electrical systems
  • Servicing and testing batteries
  • Installation check with engine running 

Preventative maintenance helps to ensure maximum performance and reliability of your standby generators. It protects your generators from sudden, unexpected failures, and helps to extend their useful service life.

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