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Switchgear Maintenance

Regular switchgear maintenance and testing ensures the successful operation of the electrical distribution system.

An electrical switchgear is a centralized collection of switches, fuses and circuit breakers whose primary function is to control, isolate and protect electrical equipment. Along with infrared inspections, Switchgear Maintenance and testing helps to prevent unexpected breakdown of your electrical distribution equipment resulting in more up time, lower costs associated with operation of your critical power equipment and increased safety.*insert space*

The most common forms of switchgear failure includes, but is not limited to:

Faulty Connections

Water Intrusion

Breaker Racking

Insulation Breakdown

Preventative Maintenance

At Quality Uptime, we are proud to offer switchgear maintenance plans following NETA guidelines as well as OEM specifications to ensure your equipment is fully capable of detecting faults when they happen.

NETA Testing

Project Management

Electrical Drawing & Schematic Field Updates

Coordination Studies, Arc Flash Studies and labeling

P&C Protection Controls

Switchgear Modernization

Infrared Thermography Testing

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