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 Quality Uptime Services is one of the nation’s leading independent UPS maintenance and UPS battery maintenance organizations. We provide customized preventive UPS maintenance and emergency service programs for mission critical facilities nationwide.


QUS has over 22+ years experience servicing UPS and critical power systems across the United States and Canada. Response times vary depending on location. Contact us today to request a quote for service!

Quality Uptime UPS Service Coverage


Our mission at Quality Uptime is to provide exceptional service and support to businesses relying on critical power infrastructure. Through our expertise and unwavering commitment to reliability, we ensure uninterrupted operations and maximum uptime for our clients. By delivering prompt, responsive, and personalized service, we aim to be the trusted partner that businesses can depend on to optimize their power infrastructure and safeguard their mission-critical operations.
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  • UPS Maintenance: Preventive and Emergency Service
  • UPS Battery Maintenance: VRLA and Wet Cell Batteries

  • UPS Battery & Capacitor Replacements

  • Load Bank Testing

  • Infrared Scanning

  • Battery Monitoring

  • UPS Replacements

  • Electrical Studies (Arc Flash, Breaker Coordination)

  • ATS/Switchgear Maintenance and Testing

  • Backup Generator Maintenance and Testing

  • HVAC Maintenance and Testing

OUR SERVICES Customized Critical Power Solutions

1. UPS Maintenance: Comprehensive preventive and emergency services to keep your UPS systems running smoothly.

2. UPS Battery Maintenance: Expert maintenance for VRLA and Wet Cell batteries to maximize their lifespan and performance.

3. UPS Battery & Capacitor Replacements: Timely and efficient replacements to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

4. Load Bank Testing: Thorough testing to verify the performance and reliability of your power systems.

5. Infrared Scanning: Advanced scanning techniques to detect and prevent potential issues before they occur.

6. Battery Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to proactively manage battery health and performance.

7. UPS Replacements: Seamless replacement services to upgrade or replace aging UPS systems.

8. Electrical Studies: Comprehensive studies including Arc Flash and Breaker Coordination to ensure electrical system safety and efficiency.

9. ATS/Switchgear Maintenance and Testing: Regular maintenance and testing of Automatic Transfer Switches and Switchgear to ensure reliability.

10. Backup Generator Maintenance and Testing: Expert maintenance and testing to guarantee your backup power is ready when you need it.

11. HVAC Maintenance and Testing: Maintenance and testing services to ensure your HVAC systems are operating efficiently and reliably.

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