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UPS & Battery Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance ensures the health of your UPS & battery systems, and gives you peace of mind with guaranteed uptime.

Whether your facility is a traditional data center, an edge data center, or a server room or data closet in a branch location, your Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is a key component of your mission-critical infrastructure. If a power outage hits, the UPS starts up to provide power and ensure uptime for critical IT servers and network routers, until one or more things happen:

  • Utility power is restored
  • Auxiliary power sources, such as generators, start up
  • Admins and operations people can transfer applications, virtual environments, and network activity over to other sites, and safely shut down IT servers without data corruption or loss

The welfare of your company depends on having a reliable UPS. Any downtime can result not only in loss of critical data and applications, but also in lost revenue, potential lost customers, and severe damage to your business reputation. You can’t afford to have your UPS fail at the crucial moment when it is needed.

Your UPS depends on its batteries to function properly as a backup power source. But batteries can be unreliable. Battery failure is the #1 cause of data center outages. A single bad battery can sometimes take down an entire battery string, resulting in loss of critical load, UPS failure, and facility downtime.

That’s why it’s crucial to do annual or semi-annual inspections and preventative maintenance on both your UPS and batteries. Preventative maintenance helps to ensure uptime at your facility, and gives you peace of mind that these systems will work correctly when utility power goes down at that facility.

Preventative Maintenance

Quality Uptime’s highly-skilled technicians perform regular onsite inspections and preventative maintenance for all major UPS makes and models, as well as lead acid (VRLA and Wet Cell), lithium-ion (LFP, NMC, or hybrid chemistries), and nickel zinc batteries. In the course of their inspections, our technicians do the following:

  • Inspect the environment in which the UPS and batteries operate, in terms of general room conditions, ambient temperatures, cleanliness, security, etc.
  • Visually inspect all components of the UPS system (capacitors, fans, air filters), and check the unit for any problems (excessive heat, vibrations).
  • Run diagnostics tests on the UPS using a variety of tools, to ensure that the unit and its components are operating properly.
  • Perform voltage checks and infrared scanning on each individual battery to ensure that they are working properly, and that load balancing is correct
  • Fix loose connections, remove oxidation/corrosion, and replace defective or dying batteries
  • Provide you with a written Field Service report that charts system load demands for the past year, and makes recommendations for future power demands and for extending the life of your UPS unit and batteries

Even if you have a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) at your facility, to monitor and keep track of battery conditions, we recommend that you schedule an annual UPS and battery maintenance inspection. If you don’t have a BMS at your facility, we recommend quarterly inspection of batteries.

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