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UPS and Battery Maintenance – Is Your Data Center in Good Shape?

  • Posted by QUS_admin
  • On September 12, 2016

FullFireSuitTechblurHow important is it to keep your mission critical facility performing efficiently? With the increase of data centers, there needs to be diligence in maintaining the UPS infrastructure. We all are aware of the fallout from the Delta power outage on August 8, 2016. Whether you are a mission critical facility or an enterprise company, your data protection is highly important. Making sure your data center has regular UPS and battery maintenance can help alleviate critical power failures.

A few key things you can do to ensure your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is operating with low risk for failures.

  1. Batteries
    • Battery integrity is everything. This is the number one failure point on a UPS. No batteries, no backup! The most common battery used today is VRLA (valve regulated lead acid). These batteries typically begin to decline in health after three years and require replacement every five years.
  2. Capacitors
    • The capacitors in a UPS act as large filters–trapping choppy electricity and smoothing out the power to your critical load. Capacitors have tendency to dry out over time and fail.
    • DC caps designed to filter the AC inverter ripple voltage on the batteries require change-out at five-year increments. In addition, failure to change the DC caps can have a negative effect on the life of the batteries.
    • Input and output filter AC caps designed to reduce harmonics and create a smooth sine wave, play a large role in the efficiency of your UPS and require change-out between five and seven years depending on various design factors.
  3. Temperature
    • The temperature and environment of the room where your UPS and batteries are operating is a key component to keeping the UPS functional. Exposing your batteries to heat can effectively cut their life in half (depending on load level and power fluctuations).
    • Always ensure you have efficient cooling for UPS and battery room.
  4. Service
    • The most effective way to prevent all potentially unexpected issues is to have trained engineers perform maintenance at specified intervals. Timeframe is the real cost here. Figure out the critical nature of your load and determine the most cost effective timeframe for service. Even one annual inspection can help prevent downtime.

Supporting a national client base across all industries, Quality Uptime Services provides UPS maintenance and emergency service as well as UPS battery maintenance through a team of factory-trained field service engineers with an average of 14 years’ experience.

As a firm immersed in a culture of providing outstanding customer service, innovation and multi-vendor expertise, Quality Uptime Services provides a level of comprehensive service that is unmatched in the industry. With over 8.2 million sq. ft. of raised floor under contract and a 97% customer retention rate, clients confidently engage us to maintain 100% uptime.



UPS are known to filter power flowing to the device as well as provide enough power when a sudden power outage occurs. And the power makes this possible is from power the stored in the batteries so taking care of it and knowing the other factors to consider is a must to remember and do.

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